Water Filter Dubai UAE – We offers best Reverse osmosis water filters and water purifier system for domestic and commercial. Keep Protect your water from contamination, bacteria and other water germs using the right kind of water purification in order to remove sand, grit, silt, rust, colour, odour, and other impurities. Aqua water filters and water purifiers remove 80 types of water impurities including over 95% of chlorine and chloramines as well as over 98% of lead, asbestos and turbidity. The water filter gives you better taste and gives you tasteless drinking water by cleaning out all chlorine and bacterial contaminants.

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our Products

Drinking water filter

6 Stage ( RO + Mineral )

7 Stage ( RO + UV + Mineral )

8 Stage ( RO+Mineral+UV+Alkaline)

Whole house water filter

Whole house water filter system remove silt sand rust, chlorine and bad smell

Water Softener system

Water softener system remove hardness from water and make it soft.


  1. Removes Dissolved Impurities from Water
  2. Makes Water 100% Pure Drinkable
  3. Mineral ROTMTechnology
  4. Multiple Purification Process

Smart Designs


  1. Remove silt sand, rust and dust particles.
  2. Chlorine Removal
  3. Remove bad smell
  4. cooking, washing, laudry, showering

Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter

Get healthier hair and skin with shower filter.

  1. Highest chlorine reduction in the market (98%)
  2. Last 3 time longer than other shower filter brands
  3. Softens your shower water

We are dealing the best water purifiers and RO water filters system for drinking in home, companies, offices, coffee shops and labour camps. As well as we provide shower filter, whole house water filters system and water softener system in Dubai UAE. Now get the pure water with best RO water purifier in Dubai.

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We do Annual Maintenance Contract For your valuable product of water filters and purifiers.

fixing and installation

Fixing and Installation

Fixing , Installation, Spare Parts Maintenance, Service ,Shifting with expert technician of water filter and purifier;

water purifier dubai

Filters Replacement

We are replacing the cartridge all kind of water filters and purifiers.

water purifier dubai

About Dubai Filters

Day by day increase the population in environment and we need clean and pure water. Increase of demand Aqua water filter have a wide selection the best water filter system.

Aqua is specializes in providing solutions for domestic & commercial water purifier and water filter and industrial water filtration and purification solutions. Aqua Dubai filters standard RO water purifier systems to our custom designed premium aqua purifier systems. We provide to our customers with more and the best solutions that anyone provide in Dubai Sharjah and all in over UAE. Dubai Filters provide solutions for any type of water.

Dubai Filters have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit where we research, develop and refine water filtration. Our company maintain the top standards of cleanliness to avoid any contamination. We try to reach every consumer in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, Ras al khaimah and Abu Dhabi through our expert and professional team network.


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We give large wonderfully long stretch regard like recharging strengthening, unadulterated spotless and strong refined water

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Our water filter removes 99% impurities from water and give you phenomenal and healthier water.

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Protect From Bacteria

We make the water pure from bacteria and other dust particles like sand, rust, chlorine, chlorine odour and led from water

Customers reviews

What people say?

Installed their under sink RO water filters and from that day onwards it was very convenient for us to the pure drinking water. Excellent and on time service by the provider. Dubai Filters helped through out the installation and product delivery.
Mariyah Albalosi
Very pleased with the quality of the soft water system. Programming the unit is fairly intuitive and we’ve noticed a huge improvement in water quality. Next up is installation of the RO system. I’m sure the performance of the RO unit will be good, All in all, the value for the price is better than anything else I could find. Delivery and installation was very fast..
Sophia Adam

Drink to your Health !