Shower Filter

The anti hair fall shower filter reduces hair falls, makes hair stronger, shiny and smooth. Shower filters attach to your shower head to abolish contaminants from the water it diffuses. These filters are separately installed, so you may select to place them in as many or several bathrooms as you’d prefer to consider best. Designed to decrease from your water up to 99% of chlorine, sulphur, and hard scale, shower head filter in White is the best addition to your bath, Each shower head is ideal for house residents with small kids, pets, or someone else with allergic or sensitive skin. Accommodate an internal chlorgon filtering system and a high-strength construction with a triple-plated components for included durability.

vitamin c shower filter

It is a great addition to your home!

Use Blu shower filter  and vitamin c shower filter to control hair fall, hair loss and keep your skin protect. The filter abolish from chlorine and many more other chemicals from the water, and have clean water each time you take bath, no more damage to hair.

It is very good for hair treatment. And it is anti-hair fall and reduces dandruff. Keep your skin protect, your skin will not be dry and will not be itchy.

Benefits of Shower filter

  1. Removes Chlorine, Chlorinates and more other synthetic chemicals.
  2. Smoother your skin and hair.
  3. Eliminates unpleasant smell from your water and make clean it.
  4. Patented Design.
  5. Decreases skin dryness, flakiness.
  6. Decreases fading of colour treated hair.
  7. Best for pets (with optional)
shower filter
blu shower filter


  1. The shower filter attaches to the existing 1/2″ thread shower head/arm (shower head not include).
  2. Minimizes shower head extension
  3. Recommend for use with 2.5 gals/min flow restrict shower head filter
  4. Include Thread seal tape

fall in love with our features

Get Rid of hair losing, skin Itching & dryness

Soft, healthy & glowing skin.

Make prevention from early aging & appearance of skin wrinkles.

Healthy, smooth & shiny hairs

Removes Hair fall & grey hairs

Get rid from Itchy skin or scalp

Prevent from dandruff

Aqua shower filters do not effect the water pressure

Removes chlorine and other chemicals to make your skin protect and reduce hair loss. Anti Hair Fall and hair loss control solution for you.

To use a shower filter or water softener system is most easiest and most effective ways to reduce dangerous exposure to chlorine and some other chemicals. Showering in filtered water results in greater respiratory health by reducing the risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation. Showering in chlorine-free, filtered water reduces or removes the risks of bladder and breast cancer.

Except of the drying effects of chlorine, skin becomes smoother, healthier, and younger-looking. Removing chlorine from showering water removes the presence of skin rashes and the presence of wrinkles.

Because the hair can preserve its natural moisturizing oils, it becomes smooth and healthier when chlorine is clear out from showering water.  The body when retain its natural moisturizers, the seek for many highly costly lotions and moisturizers is reduced a lot.

Customers reviews

When I first moved to Dubai I found that my hair felt dry, straw-like and unhealthy after every wash… Until I purchased a Pure shower filter from here. Immediately my hair felt much softer and stronger. It’s the best purchase I’ve made since I’ve been here.
Mary Rose Santos
This filter is really effective and you will see results in just a few days. My whole office uses this filter at home. Highly Recommended
Sarah Al Baloshi
Since moving to the UAE, i have been experiencing terrible hair damage and hair fall. I bought this shower filter 6 months ago after trying 2 other brands and I’ve noticed my hair has now stopped falling out and feels much healthier. Definitely recommend trying this filter