Whole House Filtration

Aqua Big Blue Jumbo whole house water filter system. For the Villa (Home), hotel and restaurant use our whole house water filter is best suitable but not for the apartment. You may select proper filter cartridges according to local water quality. Filter combination as per your quality water Pre-filter cartridges can clear out rust, dust, sand, odor, smell, color and even organic chemicals from the tap water. Best home water filtration system in Dubai UAE.

Whole house water filter dubai

Stage 1 : 1/5 Micron Jumbo PP Sediment Water Filter Cartridge

Filters levels of rust and sediment from the water, ideal for use in any of the application needs particulate abolishing.

  1. Different sorts of micron ratings available
  2. Available as 5 Micron Jumbo sediment filter
  3. 10 Micron Jumbo sediment filter
  4. Many more for big blue housings.
  5. The PP sediment remove silt, sand, rust and other dust particles from water.
home water filtration system
water filter system for home

Stage 2: CTO Jumbo Carbon Block water filter Cartridge

  1. High performance
  2. Low pressure drop Jumbo sized
  3. Water filter cartridge to fit Jumbo filter housings
  4. BB big blue housings

This water filter prevents from chlorine and other chemicals from the water, high quality suitable for drinking water applications. Decreases the levels of Chlorine, Organic Compounds, Pesticides, Herbicides,  and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

5 Micron rated particulate filtration clean out the more levels of rust, dirt, sand and sediment particles to 5 Micron in size, for greater water clarity , Extra dust and solids holding capacity

Low pressure drop, high performance cartridge, Non leeching carbon ash, high quality safe for drinking

Stage 3: PP Sediment / PP Yarn Water Filter Cartridge

Again, Add PP Yarn of PP Sediment Filter add after water quality to clear out rust and sediment from the water, Known best ideal for use for any application needs the particulate abolishing. Sorts of micron ratings available, available as 5 Micron Jumbo sediment filter, 10 Micron Jumbo PP sediment filter, and more for big blue housings


whole house filter


best home water filtration system

Whole House Water Filter System

There are many reasons, why the  Whole House Water Filter is the right filter for you.

  1. Softer skin and hair
  2. Great tasting coffee and tea
  3. Clean and safe water every tap in your home
  4. Bacterial Static Media – inhibits bacterial growth
  5. Does NOT waste water
  6. No drain required
  7. satisfaction guarantee
  8. Limited warranty

Have you ever taken a shower and get feeling dirtier than when you get in? No one consider best for liking to take an unproductive shower or drink water that have bad taste.You may select in which town or county you live in. But you may not always rely on the municipality’s water that comes with it. The results can mean bathing water that leaves a film on your body or your skin dry, and drinking water that has a bad aftertaste. A solution is to install a filtration system in your homes that can help purify the water.


Our range of Whole House Water Filter System ensures the water you bathe and shower is pure and healthy. Before to buy a Whole House System, you first required to know where it is going to fix and what size system will fit. Usually, home water filtration system are installed where the water mainly comes into your property.

So that all the way can go through the system before the pipes divert around your home. After all, if you have any doubt, then just call us to discuss further and ask further.

Whole House Water Filter System With Ultra Violet

There is a range of Ultra Violet Systems which can be used in conjunction with the Whole House Filtration System to clean from legionella, bacteria, viruses, e-coli and pathogens from the water. This is particularly useful for private water supplies as well has municipal water supply. We also offer a range of Automatic Whole House Filtration Systems for treating the hard water

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