The water filter gives you better taste and gives you tasteless drinking water by cleaning out all chlorine and bacterial contaminants. Point of Use The water filter abolishes lead from the drinking water immediately before drinking, thereby preventing this harmful and so many baneful substance from entering the human body. The water filter provides clean, healthy water for cooking, washing utensils, as well as easy-to-drink tap water. The filter can reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases by more than 3%.As children are very careless about taking care of their health so by taking directly they can be prevent from contaminated water if you have the filter water availability at home. Keeps the immune system strong, prevent from a lot of diseases. Water filter avoid a lot of toxins about to 2100 known toxins and and that’s the last line about the defense.

Available Upgrades

Filters Replacements

Replaces the all kind of water filters

UV Filter

UV filter which is kill the bacteria and germs from water

Alkaline filter

Alkaline filter improve the PH level of water which is help for your immunity system.

Tap Water

First you need to find out what’s in your tap water


Bad smell and bad taste of water, It can cause your health issues


Too much affect the water, cause your health problems


You might to control your exposure, Its good to your teeth


Metalic taste in water, Cause in toilets and washrooms


Mostly excess amounts, can cause health problems


Can cause to health problem

Under Sink Water Purifer Systems

Water is use for everything like drinking, cooking, washing, showering etc. Mostly for homes the municipalities treat the water for drinking which is not remove chlorine, bacteria, rid and some other contaminates particle form water. When the bacteria and chlorine is not removing during treatment then its harmful for you and your family. That’s why you need to install under sink drinking water filter system in your home for the healthier water. Remove silt, salt, sand, rust dust, bacteria and other particles from water.

Water Filter System for your Home

Dubai Filter provide the best water filters for drinking in which is remove all type of germs and chlorine. Our water purifiers retaining naturally-occurring minerals—like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that improve the pH balance and nutrition of your water which is help to save your health and immunity system.

The Process of Water Purification

Stage 1: PP Sediment Filter remove silt, sand rust and suspended material such as sediments, insects, fiber.

Stage 2: Granular Activated carbon to remove chlorine, color, bad smell, odor and absorbs volatile

Stage 3: Activated carbon block filter to remove completely chlorine, odor, color and organic from water.

Stage 4:  Membrane Filter with pores of 0.0001 mic. Remove the heavy metals, salt and other contaminates paticles from water. The water taste change into sweet.

Stage 5: Post carbon filter removes bad taste and odor from water. Improves the water taste and enhances.

Stage 6:  Post mineral filter is used for mineral control.  This filter regenerate the water minerals in water which is remove during water purification.

Stage 7: Alkaline Filter. This filter restores proper the PH of water. This filter will assist your immune system in your body which is helpful to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi and degenerative illnesses.

Stage 8: Ultraviolet water (UV) Sterilization system Filter : UV Filter kill the bacteria and germs form the water.


Why you need a home water purifier?

Get early and pure fresh water at your home by using our best RO Water filter & purifier system. Water filter system converts tap water into pure water which is use for drinking and cooking. Keep save your health and your family, save time and save money.