UV Water Filter System – Benefits and Process of Ultra Violet UV water Purifier

ro uv water purifier

Ultra violet UV water filter system is the water cleaning method which is use for adding bacteria in the Water.  When you use ultra violet system, it give smell to pathogens in your home water and kill the microorganisms by attacking their embryonic core (DNA). This production process will stop and the water will be clean by ro uv water purifier and UF water purifier.

What is working process of Ultra Violet Water purification?

  • Their Double coating Carbon filter technology try to able bad taste and smell of organic impurities, Pesticides, and VOC.
  • In third step, they away bacteria, cyst, and other diseases which is due to micro-germs and ensured your double protection.
  • The whole process of uv water filter is totally natural and not chemical.

uf water purifier

Is UV Water Safe To Drink?

Yes, UV Water completely safe, But the condition is that your input water is in Permissible limit.

Maintenance Cost of UV Water Filter?

Water purifier is very cheap. So the maintenance of water purifier is very low.

Benefits of UV Purification:

uv water filter

  1. Environment friendly: No water Wastage
  2. Low time consumption: Takes lesser time for purification of water than RO purifiers
  3. Chemical free: Does not leak any chemicals into the water
  4. No minerals Removal: Does not remove essential minerals in the water
  5. Effective Against microbes: Kills all bacteria, viruses and other microbes
  6. Low water pressure efficiency: Can function by using pressure form tap water
  7. Inexpensive: Low purchasing cost

What is the Electricity Consumption and Cost of UV water Purifier?

Usually RO and UV electricity consumption is same. It use 23 Watt electricity for filter 48 liters water. One unit use in 40 hours therefore you can calculate annually expenses easily.

Top UV water purifier Brands?

UV water purifier grouping in your home just like RO on the basis of TDS while ability of Water, Water input source and your budget is also important. You will check all the brands online and check the difference between them easily.

Some times the peoples use uf water purifier filter with UV for the cleaning water and taste.

Note: If you have any problem that how to install UV water filter  or water purifier system in Dubai, you may call us or email info@dubaifilters.com.

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