What is (RO) Reverse Osmosis System and benefits of RO water purifier

What is RO?

RO System means Reverse osmosis system, it is the water filtration technology which remove the ions and other particles from water and transfer hard water into soft water by using half water filtration membrane. RO water purifier not only remove the micro level bacteria, germs and virus from water but it also remove the dangerous chemicals which is more risky from germs.

Normally water moves across the semi-permeable membrane from a low concentration portion due to the high concentration of water to maintain the ratio. Reverse osmosis system is the process which is used for reverse the water flow. It catch the pollution and leave the pure and clean water. RO purifier consist of all type of germs and pollution.

What is the working process of RO water purifier?

ro water purifier


  • In first step, water pass from Ultra sediment which remove the mud, soil and particles of mud.
  • In second step, water pass from carbon filter where color and bad taste removes from the water. Carbon remove the chlorine and other type of matter like pesticides and herbs from the water and makes water taste better.
  • Reverse osmosis is the main part in which water pass through membrane with the help of pressure. Which cause reduce the TDS of water. And its remove the calcium, arsenic, led etc.
  • Then the disinfectant removes the germs from the water and kill all the germs. In which bacteria, viruses, and protozoa will be able to make drinkable water.
  • fifth step, post carbon filter polish the water taste.
  • In last step, Mineral Stability Cartridge adds essential minerals to water which increase the pitch of RO water purifier and increase the taste and standard of water by which water is more secure, healthy and clean.


Benefits of RO Purification   

TDS removal: Removes all dissolved salts

Taste and Colour of water: Enhances the taste, smell and appearance of the water

Effective for dirty water: Can work with muddy water

Heavy metal removal: Removes heavy metal from the water

Chemical free: Does not leak any chemicals into the water

Suitable for water type: suitable for areas with hard water or high TDS level

Effective against microbes: Removes all microbes including bacteria, viruses and protozoa the water.


benefits of reverse osmosis system


What is the cost of a Good RO water purifier?

The cost of Reverse osmosis system water filter start from 6 thousands but it depend upon your need. If you can select a latest technology based RO water purifier system online then suitable cost is around 25 thousand to 35 thousands then it give you a good return in the shape of their services.

What is the maintenance cost of RO?

A good quality RO water purifier provide you 100 percent pure water which is clean from germs and smell. RO needs a good maintenance services time to time then you can enjoy their services long time but yes running and maintenance cost of RO water purifier is very less.

What is the electricity consumption cost of RO?

Reverse Osmosis ( RO )Water purifier use 20 watts to 25 watts electricity. It use 1 unit in 40 hours. It produce almost 480 liters in one unit. Your calculation will be change according to model and storage capacity.

What are the top most reliable RO water purifiers’ brands?

RO water filter rating is measure on different parameters. The big point is TDS level in your household water while input water source, budget and storage capacity also important.


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