When The Change RO Membrane Filter, Sediment Filter and Carbon Filter

ro membrane, carbon filter, sediment filter

filteraMany methods has been finished which are given and no one use this methods now. But we discuss about those methods for the information. But it will use in the case where other options can’t be applicable. When we discuss about the care of RO water filter system then first thing which come in our mind that filters and replacing of their ro membrane, carbon filter,activated carbon filter and sediment filter.

You must need to know about replacement of filters or their membranes from time to time because filter and their membrane are important parts of water purifier. And the cost of replacing filters and membranes is 80% of the total maintenance cost of an RO water purifier.

The purpose of this post is not to make you a technical expert but our purpose is provide you a proper guide about filters and replacement of membranes.

When to change sediment filter?

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Sediment filter designed for removing the sediment and dirt from water so that your carbon filter and membrane will not full before the time. Input water can contain different amounts of sediment in each house. Therefore we tell you that about one size can’t fit and estimated working duration.

It is must that set more pressure in membrane and a sediment filter will cost only a few hundred rupees. Therefore we suggest you that you replace your sediment filter on time. If sediment filter will not replace on time then dirt will reach to membrane and it will full. This results to reduce life and performance of RO membrane.

When to change Carbon filter?

carbon filter

Water pass through carbon filter from sediment filter. It is also called activated carbon filter which removes the chlorine and other organic pollution from water. Carbon filter is also filter the bad taste.

Chlorine which present in water also effect on life of RO membrane. A running carbon filter absorb the chlorine and other organic dirt and by this process it increase the RO membrane life. Therefore it is must to replace carbon filter regularly. So that membrane life will increase and prevent yourself from bad taste and bad smell.

When to change RO Membrane Filter?

ro membrane filter


If you care of sediment filter and activated carbon filter and replace regularly then you replace this when RO membrane filter the water between 4000 to 6000 liters.

Input water depends upon water TDS then the RO membrane may die sooner or later. Replacement of RO depends on consumption of water.

Normally, RO membrane filter two to three years however it can work till five years. If you have hard water or if you never flow the membrane then your membrane will die before this estimated time.

You know that when TDS increase in water then your membrane will broke down before the time. This often happens suddenly that’s why we suggest two to three years for replacement of RO membrane.


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