How to Water Purify – 7 Ways to purifier Drinking Water

How to water purify for drinking ? We can’t put the pressure on this that water is important for living things. It is clear that life is possible on our planet is just because of water. Earth consist of 70% of water, but mostly water is not suitable for human use. In your daily life drinking of water is very important. Your overall health is depend on water. Those people who are not drink proper amount of water they are victim of Dehydration, Constipation and Kidney stone. RO water purifier, water filter, boiling, chlorination, Filtration there are some different ways to water purifier.

Ways to purify drinking water

There is no need to worry about cleaning the water you are drinking. Now the methods are given below.

  1. Boiling

This is very clear and easy method for cleaning the water every one use this method. If you are in home and cook the food even for drinking the simple water so please boil the water at specific temperature. In this boiling water all the bacteria viruses and micro germs are killed which is present in water. Is it easy? Ok

water purify by boil water


  1. Chlorination

Liquid domestic chlorine can be used easily in water treatment before use. One should always keep in mind the concentration of chlorine used in the right amount of water. The amount of water to treat it should never exceed. The only downside to this method is that it will leave you with a weird and bitter taste


chlorination water purifier


  1. Filtration

This is a very effective way to purify water. It involves various chemical and physical processes to purify water and make it safe for our use. Filtration helps to remove both large compounds and small, hazardous contaminants that can pose a threat to human health. Is impressive?



water filtration


  1. Distillation

Scientifically, this method involves heating the water to a lower boiling point and collecting the pure form as soon as it evaporates. This spring is connected to a condenser and as a result water is collected for drinking purposes. Well, it sounds like an authentic process but the real downside is that it is a slow process for purification. It treats bacteria and germs but it is also an expensive affair.



  1. Water purifier

I think you know about this type of purifiers. It is good for our health to use correct water purifier in home. There are many purifiers are present in market but we recommended RO water purifier which is suitable for home.

water purifier



  1. Reverse Osmosis

In past, water filtration use for industry and trade. But now Reverse osmosis is reliable and famous method. Reverse osmosis is a process of removing permeable membranes to remove contaminants.


Reverse osmosis system


  1. UV purification

In this process of UV filtration, UV rays attack on Water and kill the bacteria and micro germs DNA so that not produce more generations but when it comes to removing heavy metals and physical impurities from water, this process is useless.

UV system



The above methods are old and not use now but we put in our list for information but it can use in those situations where other method are not present.


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